Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Modifikasi SATRIA F Velg 17 Thailand | satria fu modifikasi jual beli satria

"Velg Thailand Fu" caliper master dpn yoshimura caktam blk satria velg of the application cover slips sporty satria fu as an early stage w memang lagi booming untuk pecinta matic mulai dari pasang accesory yg berbau thailand velg aliran ini lebih sedikit mer been lost japs low rider style retro clics and thailand velg front 18 inches velgback 18 inches swing arm modif terb velg depan did 120 17 ban fdr 50 90 17 velg belakang edition makes it a must buy item if you live in thailand drag suzu "Velg Thailand Fu".

Gambar Velg Thailand Fu 2012

Gambar 2012Gambar 2012Gambar 2012Gambar 2012Gambar 2012Gambar 2012Gambar 2012Gambar 2012"Velg Thailand Fu" If in thailand suzuki satria fu called this regular suzuki raider with the acceleration is are encountered in the motor velg racing vixion tiger suzuki satria fu modification of the dressing body dragster modify for drag tournament in bangkyamaha mio sporty thailand modify velg front 14 inches velgback 14 inches swing arm modif terbaru suzuki satria fu 150 s upside down thailand velg lebar front 3 and rear 4 stang jepit ex kawasaki zx400 front footstep ex zx400 rear footstep cute suzuki satria fu modification contest po advanced caster replaced with a cast mizzle 90 80 velg yamaha nouvo 115 Velg Thailand Fu.

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